Dive into Fun and Philanthropy: Chambers Eve May 1st, 2024 at the Long Beach Aquarium

Dive into Fun and Philanthropy: Chambers Eve May 1st, 2024 at the Long Beach Aquarium

Posted by Dive Pro Allyse on on 24th Apr 2024

Hey ocean lovers! Get ready for a splashy night of fun and philanthropy at the Long Beach Aquarium on May 1, 2024. We're hosting tables Chambers Eve, the coolest charity night this side of the Pacific, all to support the incredible Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber. This place has been our diving safety net since 1974, and they need us to dive in and help keep it strong.

Why Chambers Eve Rocks

This isn't just another fundraiser; it's a critical lifeline for divers and a chance to ensure our underwater adventures stay safe. With the economy doing its rollercoaster thing, the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber really counts on our support to keep doing their awesome work.

Party Under the Sea

The doors swing open at 7 PM, and you’re invited to roam the aquarium. Ever wanted to chill with a shark or high-five a starfish? Here’s your chance! After some exploring, at 8 PM, we’ll dive into a delicious dinner. Think of it as dining with the fishes, but in the best way possible.

Win Cool Stuff

Post-dinner, at around 9 PM, get ready for our "Pick-A-Prize" raffle. You’ll get five raffle tickets with your dinner ticket, and trust me, you might want to grab a few more. Why? Because you could win anything from top-notch dive gear to an epic dive trip to the Philippines. Yup, that’s the Grand Prize, and it’s only for those at the event or joining virtually.

Go Virtual If You Can't Make It

Can’t join in person? No worries! There's a virtual ticket option that includes ten raffle tickets, a snazzy t-shirt, and a private link to the live stream. So, you can be part of the fun from wherever you are.

Dive In and Help Out

The night wraps up around 10:15 PM, but the impact of your participation will last way beyond that. Every ticket purchased, every raffle ticket bought, goes straight to keeping the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber ready to rescue and research.

Want in? Grab your ticket here and join us for a night where we celebrate, give back, and have a ton of fun. Remember, whether you’re there in spirit or in person, your support means the world—both above and below the sea. Let’s make Chambers Eve 2024 a night to remember! ??✨