Women's Dive Day 2024 at Hotel Figueroa - Downtown LA on July 20th



Take part in the global celebration on 20 July '24 at La Casita Poolside Lounge and Bar at Hotel Figueroa in Downtown Los Angeles, CA for Women's Dive Day PARTY 2024!

This Promises to be a day to remember!

Date: July 20th, 2024
Time: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: Casita, Hotel Figueroa, Downtown Los Angeles

Join us for the pool party of the year at the glamorous poolside lounge and bar La Casita at Hotel Figueroa in Downtown Los Angeles!

Event Highlights:
- Mermaid Experience: Try a mermaid tail with certified mermaid instructors.
- Refreshments: Enjoy bottomless beer, wine, and appetizers.
- Raffle Prizes: Enter to win one of several high-ticket raffle prizes.
- Scuba Gear: Try scuba gear in the pool, available for both divers and non-divers under the supervision of on-hand dive instructors.
- Summer Cocktails: Sip on summer cocktails with proceeds benefiting Heal the Bay.


This promises to be an amazing event with sponsors like Eco Dive Center, Hotel Figueroa, Heal the Bay, Shark Allies, Scubapro, Slipins, PADI, and more to come.

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Don't miss out on the pool party of the year!

To RSVP please call 310-398-5759 between 10am and 7pm or fill out the form below and include if you are certified or not and if you are interested in participating in the supervised water activities.


 Note: This event is open to all, regardless of diving experience though you must RSVP before the day of the event to be admitted - 


Why Eco Dive Center Celebrates women in Diving:

Women are integral to the world of scuba diving, contributing significantly to adventure, conservation efforts, diver training, and safety in our oceans. Historically, women have shouldered immense responsibilities in marine conservation, making their presence in the diving community indispensable.

The fusion of scuba diving and conservation is intrinsic to women in the sport. Sylvia Earle, a prominent figure in this realm, exemplifies this harmony, setting a precedent for integrating exploration and conservation. Her poignant quote, "We must explore the depths of the ocean to truly understand our place in the universe," encapsulates the ethos embraced by women divers worldwide.

As a woman dive instructor myself, I draw inspiration from trailblazers like Sylvia Earle and Dottie Frazier, the first female scuba instructor and a pioneer in dive training. Their influence resonates deeply within the diving community, motivating us to push boundaries and advocate for the preservation of our marine ecosystems, as well as striving to make scuba diving a welcoming place for female participants.

Eco Dive Center remains steadfast in championing both women and conservation in diving. Over the years, we've cultivated and sustained relationships within our community, forging alliances with key organizations such as Heal the Bay and Shark Allies, both founded by influential women in Southern California's environmental sphere. We also take great pride in our commitment to hold regular events for the Southern California diving community, highlighting the opportunities and accomplishments of these local female-run organizations.

Through these partnerships, we aim to amplify our impact, advocating for the protection and preservation of our oceans while fostering a supportive environment for women in diving. Together with our allies, we are committed to driving positive change and creating a sustainable future for our marine ecosystems.

Join us in our mission to continue carrying the torch for women and conservation in diving. Together, we can make a difference, one dive at a time.

Why Eco Dive Center Collaborates with Hotel Figueroa DTLA:

Eco Dive Center is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Hotel Figueroa to celebrate Women's Dive Day. This partnership brings together two passionate advocates for marine conservation and female empowerment, creating a unique event that honors the contributions of women in diving.

Eco Dive Center's Mission Aligns with Hotel Figueroa's Legacy

Eco Dive Center is proud to partner with Hotel Figueroa, an institution with a profound commitment to championing women's causes. This partnership is a natural fit, given our shared dedication to empowering women and fostering a supportive community.

Hotel Figueroa: A Legacy of Empowerment

Hotel Figueroa's story began in 1925, when women from the local YWCA secured a loan for what the Los Angeles Times described as “the largest individual financial transaction ever undertaken by a body of women in the United States.” Founded, financed, and operated entirely by women for women, the hotel opened on August 14, 1926. At a time when single women traveling alone faced physical danger, social ridicule, and could be denied lodging without a male chaperone, Hotel Figueroa provided a safe haven, dedicating nine of its fourteen floors entirely to female guests. Learn more

Eco Dive Center: Empowerment and Conservation

Eco Dive Center's mission includes to champion both women and conservation in the diving world. We draw inspiration from pioneering women like Sylvia Earle and Dottie Frazier, integrating exploration with marine preservation. Our commitment is reflected in our efforts to make scuba diving a welcoming space for female participants and our partnerships with key organizations such as Heal the Bay and Shark Allies, both founded by influential women in Southern California's environmental community.

Both Eco Dive Center and Hotel Figueroa are deeply rooted in the belief that empowering women leads to broader social benefits. Hotel Figueroa's historic role in providing a safe and empowering environment for women mirrors Eco Dive Center's efforts to support and highlight women's contributions in diving and marine conservation.

Our collaboration for Women's Dive Day at Hotel Figueroa's Casita underscores these shared values. The event will celebrate women's roles in diving and conservation, featuring activities like trying mermaid tails, enjoying refreshments, and engaging in scuba gear tryouts, all in a supportive and empowering setting.

**Join Us in Celebrating Women**

By aligning our missions, Eco Dive Center and Hotel Figueroa aim to create a memorable and impactful Women's Dive Day event. Together, we continue to honor and empower women, promoting a sustainable future for our marine ecosystems and fostering a community where women can thrive and lead.

Join us in celebrating this unique partnership and our collective commitment to making a difference—one dive at a time.