PADI Advanced Diver Certification

Completing the PADI Advanced Diver Course is a notable achievement and is recognized globally. It signifies a higher level of proficiency in scuba diving. Thus allowing you to dive at more exotic dive sites that require the advanced level.

The journey continues in the PADI Advanced Open Water Certification Course. The advanced diver course will help you gain valuable experience and build useful skills that will expand your Scuba diving limits.

Anywhere you go, the PADI Advanced Open Water certification card identifies you as a capable and competent diver.
When you travel, divemasters and guides will know you have the training and skills for more advanced and interesting dive sites.  
The Advanced Open Water Course is by far one of the fun and most popular courses we offer.
Are you ready?
In the PADI AOW course you will complete five advanced dives. The core of the curriculum is instruction in deep diving and underwater navigation. In addition to academic work in these subjects, you will embark on a deep dive and an underwater navigation dive under the guidance of an instructor.  Beyond these core components, you’ll learn peak buoyancy skills, additional emergency skills, beach diving, search & recovery, mapping, fish identification, and much more.
The PADI Advanced Open Water course provides you with the skills to become a better, confidant, and more self-aware diver.

Your training builds on the four main components of scuba education: advanced diver knowledge in equipment and fine tuning of skills thus improving your performance and education.
With more knowledge, a broader set of skills, a deeper understanding of your equipment, and greater experience, your confidence and ability increases dramatically and so does your enjoyment of every dive. 


First call and book your weekend.
Second, pickup your rentals & PADI Advanced Diver study manual. 

Saturday 8:00am to 5:00pm beach dives & pool practice. 
Sunday 7:00am to 5:00pm on a dive boat to local island. 


Open Water Diver


 Gear Needed:

  • SMB (Surface Marker Buoy)
  • Finger Reel
  • Slate
  • Flashlight
  • Knife or Cutting Device


  • PADI Advanced Diver Manual
  • Boat Ticket to Anacapa Island or Catalina Island INCLUDED!
  • 5 ocean dives with instructor.
  • Lifetime PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification.
  • Introduction to Nitrox diving with free eLearning code with purchase of personal dive computer. 
  • Simple one weekend format.
  • All scuba diving rental gear.
  • Top rated instruction by highly ranked, fun instructors.

finger-right.pngThis entire course is FREE with purchase of Head-to-Toe Scuba Diving System finger-left.png

How do you start? Call 888-728-2252 or PADI Advanced Open Water Diver PADI


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