Local Island Trips


Welcome to our local single-day boat diving schedule. If you're seeking a fun filled day of scuba diving, then you're at the right place. If you seek a multi-day adventure dive trip click here
Buying Tickets: 
Call 1-888-728-2252 or simply buy your tickets online, below.  

Boarding: Arrive 45 minutes before departure, check-in with divemaster, show us your certification card and come fully prepared with all equipment.
Cancellation Policy: Zero refund within the 7 days of departure date.  
Dive Sites: Determined by the boat captain's "BEST CHOICE" of water visibility, tide, current, surge, swell and wind. 
Hunting: Spear-guns are not allowed. Responsible lobster grabbers ok. 
Gratuity: If you enjoyed the service you received by the crew, please tip them.
Equipment: You are responsible for all your own equipment & personal items. 
Rental: Come fully prepared with all your gear for a fun-filled day of diving. Rental gear is not available aboard ships. 
Waivers: The host divemaster will have documents for you to complete. 
Directions: Directions to local dive boats


As you embark on the journey of a lifetime to our local Channel Islands, diving into the enchanting depths of the ocean, we want to emphasize the importance of being not just adventurers but responsible stewards of the sea. Here are some key notes to ensure your dive is not only thrilling but respectful to the marine environment and your fellow passengers:
Respect for Fellow Divers: Whether you're a solo diver needing a buddy or part of a dive group, extend the courtesy and camaraderie that defines the diving community.
Be mindful of each other's space, share the wonders you discover, and foster an atmosphere of mutual respect.
Protecting Marine Life: Our underwater realm is fragile and teeming with life. Avoid touching or disturbing marine creatures, and remember that your presence should leave no trace.
Be a guardian of the ocean, ensuring its beauty and biodiversity for generations to come.
Mindful of Your Impact: Leave only bubbles and take only memories. Dispose of your trash responsibly, and if you come across any marine debris during your dive, consider collecting it to contribute to ocean conservation efforts. Adherence to Boat Rules: Follow the guidelines provided by the boat crew and captain. These rules are in place to ensure everyone's safety and to maintain the integrity of the dive sites.
Listen to pre-dive briefings attentively and adhere to the instructions given by the crew. 
Gear Check and Responsibility: Before boarding, ensure all your equipment is in good working order. Regularly check your gear to prevent any issues during the dive.
Remember, you are responsible for your equipment, so treat it with care and attention.
Educate and Inspire: Share your passion for responsible diving with others. Educate fellow divers about the importance of preserving our oceans, and inspire a collective commitment to sustainable practices.
Together, let's make every dive not just an adventure, but a testament to our responsibility as custodians of the underwater world.
Dive responsibly, and let the ocean reveal its wonders to those who tread lightly upon its realms.