Underwater Santa Monica Pier Clean Up Dive on Sept 21st 2024

Eco Dive Center, Beaches & Harbor and Heal the Bay are hosting another awesome UNDERWATER cleanup dive on Coastal Cleanup Day on September 21st.

Are you a certified diver and want to participate?
All you have to do is call 1-310-398-5759 to get yourself on the roster and you'll be diving the Santa Monica Pier for a good cause!

Some of the more unusual items found underwater in recent years have been a prom dress, voodoo dolls, a briefcase full of crackers, guns, switchblades and a bridal gown. Make sure to show up early for the detailed breifing by Santa Monica Harbor Patrol of underwater hazards. 

History: Coastal Cleanup Day (CCD) began in 1985 and has grown into a huge annual event. Every state with a coastline participates, including the Great Lakes states. The one-day cleanup is an international event and last count, over 50 nations participated, it may be one of the largest volunteer days on the planet.

Hosts: Eco Dive Center, LA County Dept of Beaches/Harbors and Heal The Bay all work together to coordinate the Annual Santa Monica Pier Coastal Cleanup Dive Day.

Participants: Underwater, we're limited to 50 divers. Above ground, over 15,000 volunteers in L.A. County over 40 sites along Southern Cali's waterways. Coastal Cleanup Day involves individuals, schools, community and volunteer dive groups.

Cause: Data Collection & our ocean needs help!
By filling out the trash "data cards" during/after the underwater cleanup, volunteers are helping to identify and stop polluters in the future.

How? Call 310-3985759 to get placed on the dive roster and provide the following info. 
Harbor Master & Divemaster requires ALL info...
When you call we'll need your full name as it appears on your diver certification card, diver level, emergency contact, email & phone number for eWaiver & text instructions. 

Day of Event:Santa Monica Pier Dive

1. Show up early to build your own gear and listen to 3 briefings by head site divemaster, Heal the Bay rep & Harbor Master. 
2. Strict entry & exit points with issued ID tags.
3. We'll have Rescue divers in surf zone, swimming along surface with LA rescue boat nearby and lookouts on pier with communications.
4. Afterwards, stack your findings with the group and help document trash collected for researchers.
5. Local News channel crews usually film event so smile for the camera.
6. Stick around for large group photo for local newspaper & Heal the Bay international newsletter.  

Have ready: 
1. Your certification card.
2. Have your buddy double check your gear & make sure your tag is attached to your BCD d-ring.
3. Listen to the friendly rescue divers upon entry, they'll have great ideas to help you swim past the surfzone and come back safe. 

Let's Do This!