5 Fishy reasons why diving in the Fall is amazing

5 Fishy reasons why diving in the Fall is amazing

Posted by Dive Pro Jason on on 4th Nov 2023

Everyone knows that fall is known as "Peak Season" for scuba diving. Warm water, healthy kelp, and visibility for days. What most people don't know is that this is also the time to see the best wildlife. Here are 5 fishy reasons why Fall diving is the BEST.

1. Juvenile Garibaldi - these youngsters are out and about. They are similar to the adults in shape but have neon blue markings! 

2. Giant Black Seabass - these giants will be found near or in the kelp, usually sitting still waiting for you to swim up and check them out

3. Schools out - look up, there will be schools of blacksmith and various other species cruising through the sunny areas

4. Bat Rays - The warm water brings these giant rays to shallower depths. Look for them in sandy areas and in eel grass. 

5. Giant kelpfish - one of my favorite fish, they can change color to match the kelp.  When the kelp is healthy they are out in force.  Very cool to watch them change color.