Scubapro :: USA's Pride and Joy of the Scuba Equipment World

Scubapro :: USA's Pride and Joy of the Scuba Equipment World

Posted by William Taylor on on 26th Jan 2023

Scubapro is a well-known brand in the scuba diving industry, with a reputation for producing high-quality diving equipment. The company was founded in 1963 by two men, Gustav Dalla Valle and Dick Bonin.

Gustav Dalla Valle, an Italian-American engineer, had a passion for diving and a desire to improve the equipment available at the time. He teamed up with Dick Bonin, a scuba instructor and avid diver, to create Scubapro. Together, they set out to design and manufacture equipment that would make diving safer and more enjoyable for divers of all levels.

One of Scubapro's early innovations was the development of the "balanced" regulator, which allowed divers to breathe more easily and comfortably at depth. This was a significant improvement over the standard "demand" regulators of the time, which required divers to inhale with much more effort. Scubapro's balanced regulator quickly became the industry standard and is still used by many divers today.

In the decades since, Scubapro has continued to innovate and improve upon its equipment, introducing new products such as the Jet Fin, which increased a diver's propulsion and maneuverability, and the Galileo Dive Computer, which was one of the first dive computers to hit the market. They also have been producing wetsuit, BCD, fins, mask and many other diving accessories.

Scubapro's commitment to quality and safety has earned it a loyal following among divers, and the company has become one of the most respected and trusted brands in the industry. Today, Scubapro continues to be a leader in the development of new diving equipment and technologies, and is committed to making diving safer, more enjoyable, and more accessible for all.

In conclusion, Scubapro is a company with a long history of innovation and excellence in the scuba diving industry. Founded by two passionate and dedicated individuals, Gustav Dalla Valle and Dick Bonin, Scubapro has set the standard for high-quality diving equipment, and continues to be a trusted and respected brand among divers worldwide.