Discover the DUI TLS Drysuit: Essential Gear for Serious Divers

Discover the DUI TLS Drysuit: Essential Gear for Serious Divers

Posted by Dive Professional Audrey Stavish on on 5th Jun 2024

The DUI TLS (TriLaminate) drysuit is a top choice among divers for its durability, comfort, and versatility. Made by Diving Unlimited International (DUI), this drysuit is perfect for both recreational and technical diving.

Key Features

  1. TriLaminate Material: The DUI TLS drysuit is constructed from a strong, flexible, and lightweight three-layer fabric, providing excellent protection against cold and underwater elements without compromising mobility.
  2. Custom Fit Options: The TLS drysuit is available in a range of standard sizes and can be tailored to your exact measurements, ensuring optimal comfort and a perfect seal to keep water out.
  3. Front Entry Design: Featuring a front entry zipper, the TLS drysuit is easy to put on and take off without needing assistance, enhancing the overall convenience and independence of the diver.
  4. Telescoping Torso: This feature allows for greater range of motion and adjustability. The telescoping torso accommodates different body lengths, making the suit more comfortable during extended dives.
  5. Integrated Boots and Seals: The DUI TLS drysuit includes integrated boots and high-quality seals at the neck and wrists, ensuring you stay dry even in the most challenging conditions.
  6. Optional P-Valve and Pockets: For technical divers, the option to include a P-valve for longer dives and additional pockets for gear storage can be added, making the TLS drysuit suitable for various diving environments.


  • Thermal Protection: The primary advantage of a drysuit is its ability to keep divers warm in cold water. The DUI TLS drysuit excels in thermal protection, allowing you to explore colder waters comfortably.
  • Versatility: Whether diving in tropical or polar regions, the DUI TLS drysuit adapts to different conditions. Its versatility makes it a go-to choice for divers who travel or encounter diverse underwater environments.
  • Durability: The TriLaminate material is designed to withstand the rigors of frequent diving. Its durability ensures that the suit will have a long service life, making it a valuable investment for serious divers.
  • Buoyancy Control: Unlike wetsuits, drysuits provide better buoyancy control because they do not compress with depth. This stability is particularly beneficial for technical divers who need precise buoyancy management.
  • Comfort: The custom fit options and ergonomic design features, such as the telescoping torso, enhance the overall comfort of the DUI TLS drysuit. Comfort is crucial for divers, especially on long dives where any discomfort can become a significant issue.


  • Cost: Quality drysuits, including the DUI TLS, come at a higher price point compared to wetsuits. Divers should consider this investment in the context of their diving needs and frequency.
  • Maintenance: Drysuits require regular maintenance to ensure their seals and zippers remain in good condition. Proper care and storage are essential to prolong the life of the suit.
  • Training: Diving with a drysuit requires additional training and practice. Divers should take a drysuit certification course to become proficient in using the suit and managing buoyancy effectively.

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