California Dive Site Highlights: The UB88 Submarine off Long Beach

California Dive Site Highlights: The UB88 Submarine off Long Beach

Posted by Dive Pro Sofia Farina on on 10th Jun 2024

Dive into History with the UB88 Submarine

California's coastline offers many incredible dive sites, but few match the intrigue of the UB88 submarine off Long Beach. This World War I German U-boat is not just a relic of maritime history—it's a thrilling dive adventure waiting to be explored.

Why Dive the UB88?

Historical Significance: Diving the UB88 offers a rare opportunity to explore a genuine World War I submarine. It's a chance to connect with history in a way that few other dive sites can provide.

Unique Marine Life: The UB88 has become an artificial reef, attracting a diverse array of marine life. Divers can encounter schools of fish, vibrant anemones, and colorful corals. You might even spot larger sea creatures like sea lions or the occasional shark, adding an element of excitement to the dive.

Stunning Visuals: The wreck itself is a sight to behold. Covered in sponges and corals, it creates a striking underwater landscape. The conning tower and torpedo tubes are still visible, offering a glimpse into the submarine's past.

Challenging Dive: At a depth of 190 feet, the UB88 presents a challenge for experienced divers. The depth and potential for strong currents require advanced diving skills, making it a rewarding dive for those looking to test their abilities.

What to Expect When Diving the UB88

Depth and Conditions: The submarine lies at about 190 feet, so it's essential to have advanced diving certifications and experience with deep diving. Visibility can vary, but on clear days, the views are spectacular.

Marine Life: The UB88 is teeming with life. Schools of fish dart around the wreck, while anemones and corals create a colorful underwater garden. Keep an eye out for sea lions, who are known to frequent the area, and the occasional shark passing by.

Historical Artifacts: As you explore the UB88, you'll see remnants of its storied past. The conning tower, torpedo tubes, and other structural elements provide a fascinating look at this underwater time capsule.

Certifications and Safety Precautions

Certifications Required:

  • Advanced Open Water Diver: At a minimum, you should be certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver, as this certification provides the skills necessary for deeper dives.
  • Deep Diver Specialty: A Deep Diver Specialty certification is highly recommended to ensure you are comfortable and experienced with diving at depths of up to 190 feet.
  • Technical Diving Certifications: For those looking to maximize their bottom time or if planning a decompression dive, technical diving certifications such as Trimix or Technical Diver certification can be beneficial.

Safety Precautions:

  • Dive with a Buddy: Always dive with a buddy to enhance safety and manage any potential issues that may arise.
  • Plan Your Dive: Given the depth and complexity of this dive, thorough pre-dive planning is crucial. Plan your dive profile, including descent, bottom time, and ascent with safety stops.
  • Check Your Gear: Ensure all your equipment is in excellent working condition, with particular attention to your dive computer, regulators, and buoyancy control device.
  • Monitor Air Supply: Closely monitor your air consumption and ensure you have sufficient air for both the dive and any necessary decompression stops.
  • Be Aware of Currents: Be prepared for potential strong currents and plan your dive accordingly to avoid being swept off the wreck.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Be familiar with emergency procedures, including the use of surface marker buoys (SMBs) and knowing the location of the nearest hyperbaric chamber.

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