Best BCD? The Zeagle Ranger

Posted by Rachel Schattle on on 10th Apr 2022

The Zeagle Ranger is a heavy duty BCD that combines high quality, weight integration, and back inflation. This tough recreational BCD is a great option for a cold water California diver who dives ofte … read more

Pre-Season Checklist for Scuba Divers

Posted by Jason Karten on on 1st Apr 2022

PRE-SEASON CHECKLIST Hey diver Jason here, guess what, Scuba season is around the corner. PEAK SEASON IS COMING – are you ready? Here's a Quick 9 Point Checklist to make sure you are all set to g … read more
The Two-Spot Octopus

The Two-Spot Octopus

Posted by Cole Kelly on on 9th Mar 2022

The Two-Spot Octopus, often referred to as the Bimac, is native to the Southern California coast. These fellas have big blue eyespots on each side of their heads. They are very friendly but timid to a … read more